Early Learning

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LEGO® Education's versatile construction sets, inspiration cards and activities provide fun, hands-on play opportunities for children aged 1½ to 7+. Our solutions tap into children's innate desire to explore, investigate and learn, and are ideal for both free and guided play for up to six children at a time.


The Early Learning assortment from LEGO® Education features seven categories that cover important early childhood development areas:

Creative Construction

These sets provide a wide range of bricks and special elements in various shapes, sizes and lively colours. They are ideal for stimulating children's creative and imaginative skills.

Home & Family

These sets encourage children to engage in role play, explore different living environments, domestic roles and responsibilities, and learn to accept and understand different needs and beliefs.


These sets allow children to learn about different animals, habitats, animal care, seasons and crops. They also develop sorting, categorising and logic skills.


Transportation sets are great for exploring travel themes, different kinds of vehicles and how the community is kept on the move.

Early Math and Science

Children naturally sort, count, and classify, and LEGO DUPLO bricks provide a hands-on way to explore numbers, shapes, and colors as kids construct and deconstruct their creations. Colorful bricks and figures offer an engaging way to learn about cause and effect, motion, addition, and subtraction.

Machines & Mechanisms

Children from 5 years build simple machines, mechanisms, and structures with these sets. They get a basic understanding of mechanical principles and work with gears, levers, pulleys, wheels and axles.



The MoreToMath Core Set 1-2, when used with the MoreToMath Curriculum Pack 1-2, enables students in first and second grade to build and practice the competencies of mathematical problem-solving. One set contains the LEGO elements needed for two students. Building materials are delivered in a storage bin with sorting tray, organizational stickers, base plates, brick separators and two LEGO minifigures, the problem solvers Max and Mia.