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Early Learning

LEGO Early Learning products fit in perfectly with our thematic curriculum for Malaysian pre-schools and kindergartens. LEGO means "play well" in Danish, and allows young children to explore and learn about the world around them through meaningful fun! Whether it's Home & Family, Society, Reading & Counting, or Early Science, LEGO Early Learning products will be the right choices to bring out the best in our children right from an early age.

Machines & Mechanisms

Explore primary and secondary school Science with these hands-on LEGO sets. Directly build, experiment, and observe the outcome when situations or variables change! Use unique parts such as solar panels, wind mills, weights, and pneumatic pumps not found in any other set to learn essential concepts in Science such as energy, motion, and pressure.


Explore Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics with these programmable sets. Perform syllabus experiments with greater accuracy, clearer results, and way more fun resulting in improved learning! Model real world problems in the safety of the classroom, analyze them collaboratively with friends, and use your creativity to solve them. You can even participate in Robotics competition at the world level with these sets!